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Normal me

Juliet Sneed

I joined Create50 in 2015. I have reviewed 38 projects.

I devour books as if my life depends on it.

Films that Inspired Me

Arsenic and Old Lace, Kind Hearts and Coronets, Rear Window, The Illusionist.

My Favorite Quote

Arsenic and Old Lace: " Aunt Martha: For a gallon of elderberry wine, I take one teaspoon full of arsenic, then add half a teaspoon full of strychnine, and then just a pinch of cyanide. Mortimer Brewster: Hmm. Should have quite a kick."

My Friends

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About Me

I have a BA in psychology. My favorite part was Abnormal Psych (all those fascinating disorders!). I love books, swimming, and writing highly peculiar stories. I live in Grass Valley, a small town in the foothills of California (yes: I live in the sort of place horror novelists always set their tales...Though my town is rather like Mayberry).

My Recent Work

Story: The Azrael Draft 4 for Twisted50 vol 2

Screenplay: Darkness Regained Draft 3 for The Impact:50

Story: A Limited Edition Draft 4 for Twisted50

Story: Pleasing Lethia Draft 4 for Twisted50

Work I Really Enjoyed and Recommend


A Tale of Two Knights by ben mole

Loopy by Barry Hood

The Biggest Fear by Shirley Day

The Thirteenth Diner by Neil Arnott

Zombies? by Toby Nicholson

Heebie-Jeebies by Milethia Thomas

Meat–Based Product – draft 1 – Chris Jeal by Chris Jeal

Work I have left feedback on (10 of 38)

Distant Percussion by Freya Eden-Ellis

Granny's For Tea by Geoff Stillwell

No Waste by Tim Guest

Toy Soldiers by Ricardo Bravo

Big Tony by Dominic Jones

THE BEST EXCUSE by Stevan Serban


Fear by Mark Renshaw

The Piper of Oran Mor by Shane Anderson

A Tale of Two Knights by ben mole

All Feedback

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Twisted50 vol 2 // Book // collection of short stories

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Most Recent Blog

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The Singularity50 Book Has A Website

Quick update, we now have a website for The Singularity50. The stories are still, as you know, being read, re-read and judged. But do check out the site and if you would like to write a blog about your experiences and story for The Singularity, drop me a line with it and we will get it published on the site