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Emma Pullar

I joined Create50 in 2015. I have reviewed 52 projects.

Writer, imaginator, lover of words.

Films that Inspired Me

Too many to list!

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About Me

I started writing stories as soon as I could pick up a pencil and I've never stopped. The first picture book I ever wrote was called 'Attack of the Killer Wheelie Bins' and was about wheelie bins getting sick of people stuffing them with rubbish and so they started eating people! Another story I remember writing at primary school was about two kids who fell down a pit and were eaten alive by a beast. It was graphic and the teacher was concerned and called my mother in. It was decided I had a wild imagination and no intervention was needed. Phew!

My first published work was a picture book called 'Curly from Shirley.' Curly was created to raise money for The Red Cross Earthquake Appeal. It went to number four on the national bestseller list and was recognised by New Zealand Post, 'Getting Kiwis Reading,' with the opening lines being picked as a favourite and printed on coffee mugs along with Victoria M Azaro's stunning illustrations.

My second published work is a short story that was a finalist for Twisted50. I changed the name and doubled the word count and 'London's Crawling' won a place in the Dark Minds charity anthology. It was also shortlisted for the SJV Award.

My dystopian debut novel will be published by Bloodhound Books in autumn 2017 and my agent is working hard to find a home for my YA paranormal romance. I write speculative fiction and I'm currently involved in an exciting dystopian/sci-fi project with six hugely talented writers, it's called The Anthropocene Chronicles.

I also write articles for Bang2write and Lucy V Hay's author site.

My Recent Work

Story: Alterverse Draft 3 for Singularity 50

Story: WORMS Draft 5 for Twisted50 vol 2

Story: ZOM Draft 4 for Twisted50 vol 2

Story: The Crawling Draft 3 for Twisted50

Work I Really Enjoyed and Recommend

Incubator by Rachael Howard

Dr@g0nH0@rd by Steve Pool

The First Casualty by Nick Jackson

An Offer Too Good to Refuse by Richard Burke

My Beloved by David Young

Omega And Alpha by Philip F. Webb

Do Humanoids dream of kitchen appliances (the end) ? by Lee Burgess

Vitriolage by KT Parker

Tinder by Fiona Leitch

Sweet Dreams by Dee Chilton

WHY-FI by Mark Renshaw

Crossing Over by Nick Jackson

Punishment by Philip F. Webb

The last brother by Lee Burgess

Foul Bridge by Dylan Keeling

Suqi by Elinor Perry-Smith

Run for It! by Eileen Wilson

A Glasgae Kiss Goodbye by Eileen Wilson

Tunnel by Mark Walker

Nineteen by Richard Burke

Super Nits by Lucy V Hay

Teething Trouble by Mark Walker

Deviance by Eileen Wilson

The Retribution Of Elsie Buckle by Lucy V Hay

Pig by Chris Jeal

Devil In The Detail by Nick Jackson

Smear by Chris Vanderhorst

Velvet Mary by Rachael Howard

Work I have left feedback on (10 of 52)

Crossing Over by Nick Jackson

50 Later by Chris McAleer

Original of the Species by les grice

Venus by Fiona Leitch

At Arm's Length by Tracy Shefras

The First Casualty by Nick Jackson

For The Love Of Jenny by Carmen Radtke

Freehand by Eileen Wilson

IF (we are), ELSE IF (we are not) by Steve Pool

Mercy by Marta Gluszczyk

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Singularity 50 // Book // collection of short stories

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Twisted50 vol 2 // Book // collection of short stories

Currently accepting stories

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The Singularity50 Book Has A Website

Quick update, we now have a website for The Singularity50. The stories are still, as you know, being read, re-read and judged. But do check out the site and if you would like to write a blog about your experiences and story for The Singularity, drop me a line with it and we will get it published on the site