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writing50 Moments of Courage and Kindness
STATUS: Closed

Join us in creating a powerful and moving film that reflects the world we live in today.

Where some may find fear and hate, through this film and the stories contained, we will find courage and kindness.

Can you tell a story in a two page script? One that will deeply move the reader, and subsequently, the audiences who watch the final film?

If you can, then enter your screenplay into our Script Competition for ‘50 Moments of Courage and Kindness’. Once the script stage of the competition closes, we will select the 50 best scripts and release them on the internet so filmmakers across the world can download and shoot their own versions. The best of the final films will be edited together to make an extraordinary feature film for cinema, TV and online.

_DSC0122The first feature film produced through Create50 was '50 Kisses' whcih was premiered in February 2014, netting the second biggest box office of a UK film in the week of release. It's now online and you can watch at

About the 'World' of the film

Unlike '50 Kisses' (which had time jumps to the past and future and alternate realities with ghosts and zombies) Courage and Kindness will be set in contemporary reality, so no aliens, zombies or the paranormal please.

It is not country or language specific (though screenplays must be submitted in English). In fact we encourage diversity and non English speaking versions of films once we enter the filmmaking stage. Again ALL scripts in English please.

The theme is human courage and kindness. You are free to interpret this in any way you like.

  • Some acts may be random, other acts planned.
  • Some may be bold, where others are modest.
  • Some may have huge cultural significance, some may just have a small and personal impact.
  • Some will make us laugh, others may make us weep.
  • Some acts may succeed, other acts may fail (the intent is still the ‘courage and kindness’, even if the act fails).

We want the final film to make us think hard about the world we share, about how we ourselves give or receive courage and kindness, and what we can possibly do to make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others.

If we get the scripts right, the films will be knockout and we will have a compelling movie that will make audiences ‘feel’ very deeply. And that is the core ingredient for a hit.

Make no mistake, we are building on everything that we learned from 50 Kisses and are we are determined that we produce a film that will attract both broad audiences as well as broadcasters and distributors. We want this film to play very widely.

NotesOnNotesNotes For Writers

We learned a great deal from 50 Kisses. Here are some thoughts.

  1. Scripts MUST be two pages or less.
  2. Anyone can enter from anywhere around the world, though scripts must be in English.
  3. Scripts MUST be submitted in English although the subsequent films can be translated into any language.
  4. Scripts MUST be a story about courage OR kindness, or both.
  5. Do submit two scripts, the one you think is a great idea, and the one that scares you to write it. Be bold or controversial.
  6. Do redraft, rewrite and polish before uploading. 80% of scripts contained typos, redundant words and just plain first draft writing. Be excellent and you will rise to the top of the pile.
  7. Don’t obsess about punchline stories with big character arcs and melodrama. Small and understated stories can work just as well, even portraiture in some cases.
  8. But if you do have a killer ‘big’ story, do write and submit it. Remember you can submit two scripts and we urge you to write something radically different for your second submission.
  9. Filmmakers, please do write scripts and submit too. This year we are running a Wild Card initiative - more on the Wild Card below.
  10. Consider producing a film too, even if it’s not your script. The value is in the journey, process, new relationships and experience.
  11. Consider production issues as someone with little more than passion and chutzpah will shoot your film. Ask yourself, how could I arrange what’s in the script? If you feel it would be possible, even a challenge, it’s probably OK.
  12. Avoid obvious ‘first idea’ stories. No matter how good it is, if it’s an obvious thought we may well get a lot of scripts on that same theme, and we can only take one script that tells ‘that story’. In ‘50 Kisses’ we had around 100 ‘deathbed in a hospital confession’ scripts, and we could really only take one or the film would start to feel very ‘samey’. By all means write it and submit it, but also write a second one that is not that ‘brilliant first idea’ you had.
  13. Be prepared to engage with the community in a positive and constructive manner.  Expect to receive feedback, some of which you may not like but remember this is a critical part of the writer's process and will be a constant throughout your writing career.  
  14. Be prepared to engage in the process beyond the writing of your script. We encourage you to engage and collaborate with the filmmakers and you should also expect to get involved in the marketing (online and via traditional press) of the final completed film as it goes into distribution (be that in theatres, television or online).  Though your script may be one of many shorts included, ultimately this is YOUR film and YOUR career you are advancing.

joekrWhat is the Wildcard?

We recognise that some scripts don’t read too well, but they are driven by a directors vision. If your script is NOT selected for the final 50, it can still be part of the process but ONLY as a second film submission from a filmmaking team. To be clear, a filmmaking team MUST make a script from the final 50 (and can make as many as they like from the final 50). But after making ONE film, they can select ANY script from ALL submissions to produce and submit and it will be eligible for inclusion in the final film. This is a wildcard film and like Jokers in the pack, we will select two Wildcards for the final film.

contractAbout The Rights You Will Give Us

Screenwriters, if your script is selected for the final film, you will need to assign the rights to us so that we can offer it up for production.

This will be exclusive deal for two years after which the rights will revert back to you. You will always own your own script. Everyone who was involved in 50 Kisses did this and we had no issues.  

ideaWhat to do next?

If you have a two page idea, if you want to see your scripts filmed, if you want to launch a career, if you want to create powerful relationships with other creative people, filmmakers and writers... THEN GET INVOLVED!

Start dreaming now...

Rules for '50 Moments' For Screenwriters

Please read the whole of this document including the guidelines for submission.

  1. Scripts MUST be a story about courage OR kindness, or both.
  2. Courage and Kindness will be set in contemporary reality, so no aliens, zombies or the paranormal please.
  3. You can enter an unlimited amount of screenplays.
  4. The submission fee is £3.
  5. There is no fee for redrafts.
  6. Anyone can enter, from any country but scripts must be in English.
  7. You can supply up to three drafts of your script, including your initial draft.
  8. Scripts must be two pages or less. No cheating on formatting and no exceptions.
  9. ALL scripts should include a title page with writer and script name (the title page is not one of your two pages).
  10. All scripts must be in standard industry format. We recommend Final Draft - free trial version here - or any other recognised industry software is acceptable (i.e, Celtx or Scrivener)
  11. For each script you submit you MUST read and feedback on three other scripts.
  12. Any entrants under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian check the parental consent page and check the relevant box.
  13. You can submit under a pen name only if you have indicated you have a pen name on your profile page.  Please create your profile page in your real name and check the 'pen name' box to fill in your pen name details.
  14. No script title or name changes will be permitted once a script has been submitted and accepted into the system.
  15. All Create50 profile pages must be created in your real name and include a real headshot (no avators, funny pictures or anything that isn't a genuine headshot).
  16. The deadline for submissions is TBC.
  17. Once the finalists are announced, they will be invited to submit further drafts.
  18. All finalists will receive 'Producer's Notes' from the Create50 team.
  19. If your script is selected to be a finalist, you will be expected to assign rights to us so we can offer the script up for production. Failing to assign rights to us will result in your script being passed over and another script will be selected in its place.
  20. Judging is final.
  21. The star rating is not part of the judging, we use it as a guide only.
  22. All scripts will be read and rated by our team.
  23. You MUST be the author of the script. All scripts should be original and unproduced works written specifically for this initiative.  
  24. Once you have submitted a script you cannot delete or withdraw it under any circumstance. This is to reflect the work other people put into feeding back on your project.
  25. We reserve the right to disqualify any writer from this process at any stage if they are in violation of these rules and guidelines.
  26. These rules will be updated and added to in the coming weeks and months as the project evolves.
  27. Rules for filmmakers will follow soon.